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Head First HTML graphic Web Development

A course based on the text HeadFirst HTML with CSS & XHTML 

by Elisabeth & Eric Freeman.

Intended audience: 9-12, undergraduate or computer technology education programs at the graduate level


Delivery: Face to face, lab heavy. Can either be covered over a 12-16 week semester, or fast-tracked to be conducted in a shorter time frame. This is skill intensive so time should be allotted to ensure adequate practice time.


Focus: Basic to intermediate web development skills using HTML, XHTML and CSS 

Getting your computer ready

Local install - LAMP, and WAMP



Table of Contents

1. The Language of the Web: getting to know HTML

2. Meet the 'HT' in HTML: going further, with hypertext

3. Web Page Construction: building blocks

4. A Trip to Webville: getting connected

5. Meeting the Media: adding images to your pages

6. Serious HTML: standards, compliance and all that jazz

7. Putting the 'X' into HTML: moving to XHTML

8. Adding a Little Style: getting started with CSS

9. Expanding Your Vocabulary: styling with fonts and colors

10. Getting Intimate with Elements: the box model

11. Advanced Web Construction: divs and spans

12. Arranging Elements: layout and positioning

13. Getting Tabular: tables and lists

14. Getting Interactive: XHTML forms


Weekly Process

Read the chapter

Do the exercises

Do the quizzes

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