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Page history last edited by John E. Martin 13 years, 7 months ago

Samuel H. Wentworth Library Technology Plan


Samuel H. Wentworth Library

35 Main Street

Center Sandwich, NH




Glynis Miner, Director





This three-year plan will establish the technological direction to be taken by the Samuel H Wentworth Library. It identifies current areas of focus, anticipated areas of need and future areas of interest.



The town of Sandwich, established in 1763, enjoys a year-round population of approximately 1,286 residents as per the 2000 census, although interim numbers during the 2005 count were slightly higher at 1,348. During the summer months, the population more than doubles. Sandwich is a well-educated community as nearly 95% of the populace holds a high school diploma and nearly 40% holding a Bachelor's degree or higher. Nearly a quarter (23.5%) of the population consists of school-age children (up to age 19) and the median age of the community is 47. A member of the Inter-Lakes Cooperative School District, Sandwich hosts its own K-6 elementary school. Middle and high school students attend the Inter-Lakes Junior-Senior High School in Meredith.


The annual town budget is just shy of $2 million dollars and educational funding for the district runs near $2.25 million. The library budget stands in at ___


Prior to 2003, the primary form of Internet access for the town was restricted to dial-up. Frustrated with this limited access, grassroots efforts were initiated to develop a local wireless network now known as Cyberpine. The Library serves as the point of presence for the incoming T1 line that supports Cyberpine efforts, housing the primary switch stack that drives the network. In return, the Library enjoys a reduced rate for the bandwidth provided. (How much? Contact Gunnar Berg)


Library Profile



No current website or online access to catalog or electronic journals


Managed by Director, reporting to the Board of Trustees



Recent trends in the library field include ...

  • Library website (Tamworth)
  • Library blog
  • Scriblio
  • Web-searchable catalog
  • Wireless studio
  • More open computers
  • RSS feed library


Mission, Goals & Objectives

As per board of trustees, the Mission Statement of the Samuel H. Wentworth Library is as follows:

"The mission of the Samuel H. Wentworth Library is to promote life-long learning, enlightenment and the enrichment of personal lives by providing open and timely access to materials, programs and services in a welcoming and responsive environment."


Goal: Public Internet Access

Objectives:     Wireless access for patrons

    Public access terminals

    Packet shaping for high-bandwidth applications


Goal: Expanded presence and information dissemination

Objectives:     Website


                        Internet accessible search of library catalog


Goal: Support and maintain computer technologies

Objectives:     Develop a replacement cycle for existing hardware

                        Develop a replacement cycle for existing software


Assessment of Current Environment - Implementation

The Samuel H. Wentworth Library currently provides free wireless access and three public terminals plus a research terminal.



Professional Development Strategy

Effective application of technology in a library environment is entirely dependent upon building a local culture of expertise. It is expected that key members of the library staff will have or have access to training that will facilitate effective technology management.


Budget & Implementation Process


Evaluation Process




Technology Inventory, Hardware

In 2005, the Samuel H. Wentworth Library was given a $xxx grant to purchase four public access terminals and a laptop computer for staff use.

3 public access terminals w/ HP Laserjet 2200dn (Model, specs)

1 public research terminal w/ printer (Model, specs)

1 wireless router (Netgear Rangemax)

3 staff computers (Models, specs)

1 laptop computer - Director (model, specs)

1 patron catalog computer


Technology Inventory, Software

The library catalog currently utilizes the Sagebrush InfoCentre server system. The system manages physical holdings, circulation records and patron accounts. Patron access to the online catalog is amde available via the local area network (LAN), or intranet. The software does not run on a dedicated server, rather it shares space with the circulation mana


Other important software (productivity, av, etc.) FGC Clean Slate, FGC Time Manager, AVG Antivirus


Network Infrastructure

Hybrid Cat5 and wireless connectivity. Internet access is tied into local Cyberpine network whose infrastructure is hosted on premises. The library pays $300/month to CyberPine in order to provide open network access to its patrons. CyberPine estimates based on network graphing software that the library currently consumes approximately 1/3 of the total bandwidth on a daily basis.




Keep operations going, provide Internet Access to patrons


No federal funds received, no filtering exists currently


Short-term plan, long-term plan

Phase I - Provide for growth and sustainability of current technology

Phase II -


Expanding wireless

Applications on network access


Packet-shaping for high-bandwidth uses


Contact Gunnar regarding CyberPine


del.icio.us links


This technology plan was developed by White Mountain Technology Services for the Samuel H. Wentworth Library - April 2007


Comments (3)

John E. Martin said

at 12:09 pm on Apr 18, 2007

SWL needs a web presence!

John E. Martin said

at 12:10 pm on Apr 18, 2007

Consider Scriblio and a blog as the underpinnings of site.

John E. Martin said

at 12:10 pm on Apr 18, 2007

Figure out how InfoCentre ties in.

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