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EP7040 Reflection02

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Class 2 - Saturday, March 21st


Fred Bramante! Holy cow, what a dynamo he is! I honestly could have listened to him speak all day about his vision for what education could and should be. I found my own background in experiential education reflected in his own philosophies and would love to be able to support his model as I move into the K-12 arena from higher education. My philosophy on learning is that it should never be identified solely with a classroom and the industrial model we've grown up with. We realize more and more that in the Information Age, information, knowledge and the ability to synthesize that knowledge will serve as the currency de jour. In order to prepare our students for the world in which they will live, we need to cultivate a desire to learn and an understanding that learning occurs anywhere, at anytime, with anyone. Fred's vision of education not only supports but actively encourages lifelong learners by providing opportunities to earn credit for life experiences outside of the classroom. 


As funding for education becomes more and more scarce and competitive, we need to find ways to allow for the growth and development of our learners through non-traditional methods. Whether it is providing credit for music or language lessons taken outside of schools, physical education credit for multi-season athletes, or business credit for students serving as interns or entrepreneurs, we can truly engage our learners in ways that are meaningful to them and which will nurture this desire to learn more, knowing that their hard work will be recognized and in the case of school credit, rewarded.


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