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  • In a blog post, please write a brief snippet on your goals for this course, what you hope to learn, who you hope to share it with (I.E. your audience) and why.


RSS & Feed Readers

  • Create a Google Reader account
  • Import the OPML list you received in your email
  • Develop an organizational methodology for your feeds
  • Find and subscribe to 5-10 feeds that pertain to a specific area of interest as it would pertain to your goals for this course. Remember that these are not necessarily just blogs. Cite these feeds in a blog post.


Social Bookmarking

  • Create a del.icio.us account
  • Create a Diigo account
  • Observe the differences between each service
  • Join the PSU-CE5560 Diigo Group
  • As you find and save your bookmarks, save them to the Group as well as your own account



  • Create a profile for yourself on your class wiki page. Feel free to use the information you created above as a starting point.
  • Per the capstone project requirements, create a tutorial which addresses your chosen research topic.


Social Media

  • Flickr
  • YouTube
  • Ustream


 Reaching your audience

  • Using either the readings in our course reading list, or readings you've found (and bookmarked!) in your explorations, write a post identifying the primary drivers and shifts facing your audience (primary ed, middle school, high school, clients, etc.) when it comes to finding and processing information. How do they find information? How do they validate it? How can you leverage your understanding of their needs in order to build a web presence of value to this virtual community?
  • Consider that the web paradigm has shifted from a focus on content-consumption to the an expectation of the right of content-creation. How does this shift affect your practice, whether in education or in the commercial sector?
  • Given your understanding of the evolution of the Web, predict the next shift . If content-consumption (the Read-only web) led to content-creation (the Read-Write web) then what would follow?
  • Discuss the explosive popularity of social media sites such as YouTube and Flickr. What makes them so attractive? How can the power of social media be leveraged? Is there a cost?


Capstone Project

  • Identify a current or emerging technology
  • Evaluate its efficacy as a learning tool, including their benefits and drawbacks
  • Develop a policy for your institution that provides general guidelines for acceptable use taking into account the issues of Intellectual Property, Privacy and Netiquette.
  • Write a tutorial that would serve your peers and/or learners in getting started with this technology. A wiki page will be created for you upon determination of your research topic.

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