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CE5560-Elements of the Web

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CE5560 - Elements of the Web


This wikispace is home to the online learning lab for a graduate course offered by Plymouth State University's College of Graduate Studies, CE5560 - Elements of the Web: Teaching, Learning and the 21st Century Classroom.


Educational technology is a rapidly evolving and ever-changing tool. Educators require access to and a working understanding of the latest trends and technologies to meet the needs of today's learners. This course intends to develop a framework which will enable today's educator to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to integrate these tools into their own classroom(s) utilizing open-source technologies. This includes exposure to and practice with blogs, wikis, RSS, chat (text, voice, and video), social networking, social bookmarks, photo sharing, and/or other online applications leading to the development of user friendly, well-designed, and effective web communications.






CE5560-Winter2008 - Student pages


CE5560-Orientation - The web-based learning experience


CE5560-Module01 - The Learner & Current Learning Theory


CE5560-Module02 - The Evolution of Learning Technologies


CE5560-Module03 - Socio-Collaborative Tools


CE5560-Module04 - Knowledge Management Tools


CE5560-Module05 - Communicative Tools


CE5560-Module06 - Experiential Design


CE5560 - Readings Feed - Helpful readings for this course


CE5560-Class Wikis - Class Wikis




Presentation is only the tip of the iceberg...




Your Content is what lies beneath




Elements of the Web - Workspace


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