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Blog Resources

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Blog Resources



These resources should help you understand what a blog is and why it should be important to you. It will serve as a launching point to open up a dialogue with your intended audience.


What is a blog?

A blog is...


Common Craft has a great introduction to blogs in the following video:



Why is it important to me?




These resources should help you get started with your blog.


Blog Hosting Services


Wordpress.com - A free hosting site for those seeking to try their hand at the blogging life.


Blogger - A free blog site hosted by Google.


Blog Software




Tutorials & Support

Landrums Edublog - A useful learning-to-use technology resource for educators.


Edublogs Wordpress Tutorial - From Spring Branch Independent School District comes this useful Edublogs Wordpress tutorial in PDF format.


Ways to increase blog traffic

  1. Content is king! If you want readers, they need something to read.
  2. Tag, you're it! Tags increase searchability and findability in search engines such as Google and Technorati.
  3. Comment! Think of the golden rule. Do unto others. Don't forget to include your URL when you leave your comment.
  4. Cite your references! When you create your post, include the Trackback URL so that your post shows up on the cited blog's comment stream. It's also nice manners.
  5. Go offline! Talk up your blog with your friends, peers and those you meet/network with. Ask them to get involved.








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