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Audience Response Systems

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Capstone project for Mr. John Martin CE5560.  

I chose to present a tutorial on Audience Response Systems (Audience Response System Tutorial.ppt)with a focus on the product from the Company, Turning Point.  Prospect Mountain High School currently has this product and I have been the guinea pig for my school.  I have been creating powerful presentations for my Health classes for the last nine months.  An interactive PowerPoint presentation can be one of the most effective tools for teaching, providing an easy way to create engaging teaching activities. Students select a response via their ResponseCard┬« keypads (classroom "clickers") and transmit the data immediately to the presentation.  Its efficacy as a learning tool has tremendous potential.  These types of communicative tools provide authentic assessment opportunities, immediate audience feedback, enlivens a presentation and keeps learners engaged.   These are the advantages for using audience response programs.  The drawbacks include a difficult to follow manual, in my opinion.  For me, this meant many hours of practice and many embarassing "trial and error" presentations.   Also plan on spending time pointing and clicking.  A 30 question slide presentation may take up to an hour to prepare but, your students will zoom through those same thirty slides in about 10 minutes.  If you would like to view the interactive presentation my graduate class particpated in, click on the following link(CE5560TP.ppt)The policy (High School computer policy.doc) was adapted from the high school I teach at.  The staff would need to be aware of posting student's scores on participant lists, which are viewed by everyone in the class.  A wise thing to do is give your audience (students) code names and enter these in the particpant lists.  This insures privacy.   Using this technology can be a fun competitive experience.  Use common sense, experiment and be creative!--------------Mark Anthony 3/3/08

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