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S S Harriz Creates

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Just Released - Read all about it!

S S Harriz Creates Multimedia Galleria



Announced today, there is a new poster-art site in your global community.  Read about this new business venture started to provide you with original creations by S S Harriz. Looking for exciting fantasy art in a poster size just right for framing and hanging on the walls of your home? Then you've come to the right place! Feel the ambiance. Revel in the joy of knowing you own a small piece of this long standing dynasty.



About S S Harriz Creates

This new venture was started to carry on a family-based, innovative source, where you can view and select the art piece that really shows the world who you are. Spreading this art globally over the years, is our mission. The mystery will be revealed when the art is viewed and critiqued by your family and friends.

Come and search our Galleria for the piece that really represents your individualism!

The piece that really speaks to your Soul!




Disclaimer: All Viewers - "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and not necessarily the responsibility of the Artist.


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