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This image borrowed from Atlassian, a company which markets a Content Management System known as Confluence.

Resources for Web Pages Made Easy class

Class web pages



While not required, I highly recommend the following books to help you in your journey into web design and management. The first two I've read and used, the last is one that talks more about good design principles and user interface.


Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML

Elisabeth Freeman & Eric Freeman

ISBN: 0-596-10197-x

Code Magnets - These are fun magnets with HTML tags on them that you can rearrange to form your own code.


Head First PHP & MySQL

Lynn Beighley & Michael Morrison

ISBN: 978-0-596-00630-3


Head First Web Design

Ethan Watrall & Jeff Siarto

ISBN: 0596520301


Class 1

Domain name(s)

Hosting Service

Additional services (email, databases, analytics, etc.)

Free sites for web development

Blogs versus webpages

Static versus Dynamic content


Class 2

Content Management Systems

Web site structure and design

Files and folders


Class 3

Understanding HTML - the geek way

Class 4

HTML Goodness



Class 5

Online magazine creators


Online image editing service


Coming soon...

Class 6




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